Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Girls With Get Up and Go-Go

There is a point in many girl's lives when they dream of being a dancer.  I was too caught up in cycling at a young age, so this bug didn't bite me until high school.  Since I couldn't join anything that would interfere with cycling, I chose cheer leading.  For those of you that know me, this is somewhat hysterical.  You see, I grew up as a tom boy.  I would only wear overalls and often times brought live critters (snakes, frogs, salamanders etc.) home in my pockets.  Cheer leading allowed me to be "girly" and athletic all in one.  

Greasy Gears performing at Ride the Drive in Madison
When I left high school, I tried every type of dance I could.  Weekends consisted of Cajun two-step, salsa, swing, ballroom and African classes.  It was so freeing!  Being able to move in a non linear way balanced my life. Now, being so active in my job as a personal trainer and fitness instructor as well as cycling, I don't have a ton of extra energy for dance, however, a certain group is calling my name.  Meet the Greasy Gears--a female go-go dance group with a love for cycling.  This amazing group of women (ages 11-59) came to be one evening a few years back after the Portland group, The Sprockettes, came through Madison.  They meet for practice once a week and pop up at events around the city showing off their moves.
There is no other word to use for this group than "FUN".  It's not about getting the moves down perfectly or having a perfect body.  Instead, it's about empowering women to feel good about moving and being creative.  I am by no means saying that these women don't work hard.  Their practices are 2.5 hours of sweating.  They often times perform in blazing heat for hours...having to crawl and sometimes lay down on hot pavement during performances.  Trust me, fish net stockings do not protect skin that much.

Greasy Gears with former "Mayor Dave"
Some of their pop-up performances have been at Ride the Drive in Madison, Art Fair Off the Square, Atwood Summerfest, Bike the Barns and Madtown Maidens Alleycat.  Part of the delight is  no one really knows where they will be and what dance they will do.  All you know is that if you see them, you'll be captivated.  They even got former Madison Mayor, Dave Cieslewicz, to get in on the fun.
You too can join the Greasy Gears.  No experience is necessary, however, you must show up with a good attitude and a willingness to work hard.  Just get onto their website to find out more information and then head on down to the Goodman Community Center on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-9pm.  Still not sure if  this is really "you"?  Once you see this video...you'll change your mind!

Greasy Gears competing in my all women's alleycat "Madtown Maidens" in 2011

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