Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm too sexy for my bike

The models post show
picture by Darryl Jordon

How many cyclists, dressed in several layers of winter gear, sweating profusely, does it take to bring winter weather on?  From the looks of Madison Bike Winter's fashion show last week, it takes about sixty-five.  As the models filed into Machinery Row Bicycles one by one in pouring rain, not sure if they were wet from the outside elements or their own heat build up, the temperature outside began to drop.  Almost like magic, winter was knocking at our door.

Troy showing off his wool kilt
photo by Nathan Vergin
This was the third year of the Madison Bike Winter fashion show and definitely the most successful.  Aaron Crandall did a fantastic job organizing the event and everyone seemed giddy about the upcoming season.  With the help from about ten models, Pat Gallagher from MMM acting as our announcer, the generous Machinery Row staff, and our sponsors, we put on an informative, PG-13 rated show (PG-13 just because we weren't sure if one of the models had underwear under his wool kilt).

For those of you who don't ride in the winter, we proved that no matter what your budget or skill level is, it can be done with ease.  Although bike specific winter clothing can make your ride much more enjoyable, many people will ride all winter long dressing in layers, with their work clothes acting as their base layer.  When people ask me what I feel the most important items to purchase are, I usually suggest wind proof gloves, a balaclava, shoe covers and a wind proof outer layer.  Being visible is also extremely important and several of our models explained what they use.  Neon yellow and orange clothing makes a cyclist so much more visible in flat light.  Reflectors around the ankles also help since they are moving parts.  Each model had a different lighting system that they prefer, including Christmas lights around the wheels.

Some of the audience
photo by Nathan Vergin
Here are some pictures from this year's event.  If you have any questions about how to dress for winter riding, feel free to send Madison Bike Winter a message on facebook, contact bikewinter.org or come to one of our many meet-ups.  We are always happy to get newbies out there!

*All of the following pictures are courtesy of Nathan Vergin.

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