Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Celebrating Life

Our cycling group doing a casual ride near Michael's birthday

One of the reasons I love my cycling group so much is we all celebrate living.  We ride regardless of the season, and usually end each ride with a smile ear to ear.  Instead of sitting around, allowing our age to get us down, we play and act like kids.  Although not every member likes special attention on their birthday--I will withhold names--I don't think anyone feels they are getting older.  In fact, aside from the jokes about injuries, I'm guessing that everyone feels quite young.  We make a point to keep each other from getting too serious, and we often gather for a ride, food and beer near one another's birthday.  In my eyes, nothing could be better than to celebrate on a bike!  I can't wait until the rest of the members have their birthdays.

Celebrating Steve's birthday and I just found out that Dan's birthday came shortly after.  Dan, you will get your own party next time!
My actual birthday was spent in a tunnel
Guess who's birthday it is?!

Aaron and I split the festivities since our birthdays are close together

Nate's birthday at the Chazen.  photo by Steve Wasmund

Nate even got a concert by Dan for his birthday.  photo by Nathan Vergin
Pre-birthday ride with Martha and Nate.  photo by Nathan Vergin

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