Monday, May 6, 2013

Mother Nature MUST Be a Cyclist

Getting ready to start Madtown Maidens 3 from Machinery Row Bicycles
photo by Nathan Vergin
For the third year in a row, the forecast called for rain on the day of Madtown Maidens.  For the third year, we all lucked out--this year bringing the nicest weather yet--after a steady rain in the morning that is.  Saturday, May 4th, under bluebird skies, temps in the upper 60's and light Easterlies, almost 100 women set off from Machinery Row Bicycles on their own Madtown Maidens adventure.  Some came to race it--on both geared and fixed bikes--and some came to just ride and have a good time with friends on two wheels.  As in years past, the ages and abilities varied greatly.  This is one of the many reasons I put the event on.  When I started doing it, I wanted to designate a day when ALL women could come together and share their passion for the bicycle and being active.  No snobbery, no egos, just fun.

Rolling out from Machinery Row
From year to year, not too much changes aside from the start and finish location and the checkpoints.  This year, everyone started and ended at Machinery Row.  In between, came roughly 21 miles of urban riding (if you took the most direct route) and seven checkpoints ranging from goofy to the utterly insane.  Coffee bean spitting, lassoing a pig or cow, burpees, face painting, navigating a kiddy cross course, naming a beer, completing the city's bike test and high fiving bike mechanics was all expected of the women.  The only problem I have with running these events is I can't see all the shenanigans that take place at each checkpoint.  Luckily I have an amazing photographer biking the course and others sending me pictures.

Sadly, this will be the final year of Madtown Maidens...for now at least.  I love putting this thing together but I've neglected some of my own bike goals to do so.  After a year or two of sowing my wild bike oats, I'm sure I'll be ready to put on another event--maybe even bigger and better.  Until then, I just want to thank everyone who has volunteered for me in the past three years, each and every sponsor for donating amazing prizes/food and drinks as well as event space and finally every woman who has come out to ride.

I will leave you with some fun pictures (all taken by Nathan Vergin) from this year's ride.  Also, you can read about last year's event here.

Decisions, decisions...should one lasso a pig or horse?

Ben from Budget Bikes offering up high fives

At Tenney Locks the women got to choose between four activities

Some women had to do burpess

At Redamte they got to take the city bike quiz

Coffee bean spitting contest at Barriques

At Ale Asylum they had to name a beer

They also had to tie bows or put barrettes into Michael's
beard who was working the Ale Asylum checkpoint
Finishing up with the kiddy cross course

Proving that everyone makes a good cross racer when beer is at the finish line

Gathering up for the after party
The prize table
photo by me

All-City, Banjo Brothers and Saris all gave AMAZING prize donations!
photo by me

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