Monday, November 11, 2013

Gimping along

"Ahhhh!  Get away!  Don't touch me!"

No, these weren't the cries from a horror flick or a  recent Halloween prank, but if you came by my house late Saturday night, you would have heard this screaming all the way down the block along with several other words I'll keep to myself.

Somehow, a little reach and twist on my part, sent me into a frozen position where the pain was so intense I could barely breathe and I got sick to my stomach.  Never have I felt pain like this before--not when I was hit by a car, or a cyclist coming down a hill 20mph, or when I suffered frostbite.  This pain was the "oh dear god, end my life now" type of pain.  Within a matter of seconds, the shooting pain in the thoracic area of my back, traveled upwards and forced my entire neck to spasm so strongly there was a visible cord of muscle.

I'm quite sure I scared the shit out of my husband when I pulled a look straight out of the exorcist (minus the head spinning of course) when he tried to get near me.  He stood there completely helpless as I somehow lowered myself down into a position where I could breathe again.

I joke about this all right now (sort of) because I have to.  36 hours stuck in bed, while the sun was shining, and I was supposed to be riding, sent me into a world of self pity and self loathing.  I woke this morning early--yes, even earlier than I normally wake--to see if I could get myself to work.  Showering was key since you could probably smell my self loathing from a mile away.  I stood with the hot water pulsing on my neck, hoping to gain some mobility.  I convinced myself to walk into work since my chiropractor says "motion is the lotion for the body" and the fact I couldn't turn my head to look behind me in the car.

After making it through most of my day, I had the joy of seeing my chiropractor.  Now don't take this the wrong way, but my chiropractor is my best friend and worst enemy all rolled into one.  I hate having to see him since it means I'm injured, but I love seeing him since he's my only hope at feeling better.  Comments, however, from him like "Huh?" and "How did this happen?" are not what I wanted to hear.  Turns out I was pretty close with my self diagnoses.  C2, C5, T4 and T7 were all badly out, to the point of C5 not being able to be adjusted because I was still in a state of spasm.  At least no actual nerves were being touched anymore and although I was still in a world of hurt, I could in some ways function.  What I couldn't do was bike.

So now, with the first measurable blanket of snow on the ground, I am stuck inside, not being able to ride into winter.  Tomorrow, and for the next indeterminable days ahead, I will be foot bound instead of wheel bound.  I am hoping to mend enough for the upcoming weekend's bikefest.  Until then, wish me luck and send some good bike vibes my way.

Yours truly,
Gimpy Gimperson

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  1. Sorry abut all the pain and especially about the aggravation and frustration of the limits on your activity. I have another surgery to explore around tomorrow and then maybe can get onto the next thing, whatever that may be. I'll try to find you soon and am sending healing thoughts. B