Sunday, February 16, 2014

If you can't beat 'em...

One of the many splendors of winter biking!
This entire winter, I've heard what started out to be murmurs of hating winter, now turning a deafening scream of hating winter, fill my ears.  It seems as if everyone around me is in a pissy mood due to the endless "polar vortex".  Even many of the cross country skiers are waving the white flag and are hoping for a thaw.  Here's the weird thing...although I don't like winter--not one bit, this winter hasn't bothered me too much.  I've only missed riding to work three days, and that was due to ice not the cold.  I've continued to run almost all errands by bike and it's been great running again.  If I hadn't done these things, I guarantee you'd find me off in the woods screaming obscenities.  So I guess I can say, biking saved my life this winter.

I will note I am writing this post after a beautiful morning in the saddle with friends and after watching the Madison Cyclofrost.  Tomorrow, after 4-5 inches of snow, I may be singing a different tune, but until then, I can bask in the minimal warmth of the February sun.

Phill Van Asten looking like he belongs in the capitol, instead of riding around it

Who doesn't like an abominable snowman on a bike?

I must thank my fat bike friends for forcing me out onto so many winter rides, no matter the conditions. No, I still having joined the fat bike ranks, but my 45 mm cross tires get me through.  Besides, each day I have to maneuver through thick, brown sugar mush, I think about how my gravel skills are improving.
This is where I insert the saying "what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger--or dumber".

Here's to hopefully only two more weeks of freezing, messy conditions, because come March, I will be ready for Spring!

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