Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer is finally here

From plains that reel to southward, dim,
The road runs by me white and bare;
Up the steep hill it seems to swim
Beyond, and melt into the glare.
Upward half-way, or it may be
Nearer the summit, slowly steals
A hay-cart, moving dustily
With idly clacking wheels.
In the sloped shadow of my hat
I lean at rest, and drain the heat;
Nay more, I think some bless├Ęd power
Hath brought me wandering idly here:
In the full furnace of this hour
My thoughts grow keen and clear.
-Archibald Lampman

I'm one of those crazies who LOVE heat and humidity.  As long as it's under 95 degrees, and not too hazy, I actually feel stronger on the bike.  Don't hate me.  When you all are thriving in the 60 degree temps, you can revel in the fact I'm most likely shivering and stiff.  I really should just move down to New Orleans...but the road riding kinda sucks down there.

post ride bug cemetery
This weekend finally brought the summer weather I've been waiting for since last year (it's been freaking cold here this summer).  Sweat dripped off my arms, legs and nose as I climbed hill after hill on a little 105 mile ride we chose to do.  Bugs died a terrible death on my skin--poisoned by either my sweat or my spray on sunblock.  And I smiled, oh how I smiled.  It felt so damn good to open up my pores and then have my own air conditioner as I whipped down the big rollers.

Monday I woke to a low of 74 degrees with high humidity.  Yep, still felt good--and then the skies opened up to one hell of a thunderstorm, and this is the song that was left in my head throughout the rest of the day.  You just can't appreciate the blues thoroughly when it's 70, dry and clear skied.

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