Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Two Of My Favorite Frame Builders

Today I came across a blogger who interviewed two of my favorite frame builders--both in Minneapolis!

I've written about Chris Kvale and the love I have for his builds several times.  Some of you may not realize that I've essentially known this guy since I was in diapers--my father bought several frames from him.  I don't know one person who doesn't lust after his bikes (anyone who knows his work anyway) but to top it all off, he's unbelievably nice. 

Read more about Chris here.

The second interview is about Eric Noren--of Peacock Groove fame.  This guy breaks all the rules and boundaries.  Some love him for it, some hate him for it.  I'm the former.  His stuff is edgy yet beautiful, and each time I ride through Minneapolis, I find my bike steering towards his shop. 

Enjoy the guest blog posts!

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