Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Magic Carrot

Holiday Light Ride with Madison Bike Winter

Yummy espresso drinks are a great bribe

Yummy beer is too!

I can't deny that last night I had a dream about biking in shorts and short sleeves.  Oh what I wouldn't do to roll effortlessly through farmland surrounded by green with sweat dripping off my brow.  Alas, it's January and layers are "in".

I promised my riding group I would enjoy winter--or at least pretend to.  I must say that having friends to ride with, places to meet up and drinks to enjoy--be it good coffee or good beer--helps immensely.  Just yesterday, my husband and I made a trek over to the East side of Madison to steal some warmth from Olbrich botanical gardens and top it off with a rich lunch.  It made riding home, against strong winds, very tolerable.

I consider these destinations a bribe.  Although once I'm out there on my bike I'm happy, I usually need something to get me out in the first place.  For that, I thank my husband and friends for planning fun events and stops.  If it weren't for you all, I may just cocoon up under my toasty comforter until spring.

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