Sunday, March 24, 2013


"You need not wrestle for your good.  Your good flows to you most easily when you are relaxed, open and trusting."
-Alan Cohen

Passage of spring.  My friend, Donna, with the "kids"

It's March 24th.  I'm sitting here in Madison, Wisconsin, gazing out the window, and watching more white stuff fall from the sky.  We all joke here, that around March Madness we should expect snow to fly.  The only problem is that hardly any of the snow has melted from the previous month, so there are piles of it remaining as far as the eye can see.  We are, what it feels like, stuck in a permanent winter--a Doctor Zhivago scene if you will.

A few weeks ago, when I allowed the memories of last year's warmth to kiss my brain, I became quite sad.  I was tired of layering up--a process that eats away at valuable biking time.  I was tired of only seeing grey and white.  I was tired of not feeling the sun's rays grace my skin--except for my nose and eyelids.  I mourned for, what appeared to be, a loss of spring.  

Me and the birthday girl

I won't say I'm pleased with what I'm seeing out my window this morning, however, I will say, I'm no longer angry or sad about it either.  There comes a point when fighting takes too much energy and one must either wither away or settle in for the long haul.  The funny thing about this is that so often, when I choose to relax a bit, things begin to change...and often for the good.  Looking at the extended forecast, spring may actually visit us soon.  The snow will melt, if given enough time, and my glow-in-the-dark white skin will someday have cycling tan lines again.

During this "letting go" process, a few beautiful things have happened.  First, I got to celebrate one of my closest friend's birthday with a wonderful group of people.  She was determined not to let this weather hiccup stop the festivities.  Second, I've toughened up mentally and have gotten out on some medium length road rides in cold temperatures--something I've shied away from in the past.  My favorite so far, now being an annual ride out to a friend's farm, to see their two week old baby goats.  Nothing in the world can make me soften more quickly than being around animals.  I have no clue why they have such a strong power over me...I just know I turn into a giggling child whenever they are near.

So today, while I wait patiently for the mercury to creep up, and the sun to break through the clouds, I will focus on those magical little moments and hope more come soon.

Bowling alleys are a great place to become a kid again!

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