Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Tipping Point

View from the top of Blue Mound

End of Summer

For that a great weariness has come upon me
Here in the remaining day of summer—
And the over-grown yard a stagnant mood,
Under the boughs the apples rotting,
And the fading grasses forgotten of cutting—

Suffer me to wag the tongue a little.
Even as leans on the fainting evening
the foliage withering,
I am touched with a song of brown and of shadows,
And of colors lingering.

And I passed before a house of vines
To hear a myriad of birds therein
Crying, crying.

-Mark Turbyfill

Hurry Back

Hurry back fair summer, from where you came,
my soul tends to wilt in this cold pissing rain.
Friends are posting on their dreams of snow
while I am dreading the temps dropping low.
Each year I feel your stay is too short,
please settle in next year and never deport.


We are at the door of the tipping point.  Three morning rides have now been in the upper 30's and I would have welcomed my shoe covers on two of them--my feet turning to numb blocks.  It's too early this year--it's always too early for me, but this is exceptional.  2014 will go down as the year I turned off the heat the latest in the year (late May) and turned it on the earliest (mid September).  My fat bike friends are giddy as children in a candy store, drooling with anticipation.  I, however, feel I'm looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.  You think I'm joking, I know you do, since I help out with Madison Bike Winter but sadly I am not.  

Alex Soth--Sleeping by the Mississippi

To ward off the dread and doom, I rode this past weekend.  Lots.  I rode down the Badger State Trail/H8TR trail with a friend to "geocache" holiday ornaments on a tree branch for a friend.  I rode around lake Monona and then found some sun beams to sit in--not unlike my cat.  My husband and I rode downtown for the Alex Soth art show at MMOCA and his winter shots along the Mississippi made me shudder.  A group of us rode out to Blue Mound and to the the top of the world, or at least top of SW Wisconsin.  And finally, after cleaning up and eating, we rode once again downtown for the Willy Street Festival to welcome in two of my favorite folk singers as they wrapped up their Wisconsin music tour by bike.

I am hoping I can keep this momentum thing going--all the way until Spring!

Top of the World ride

Placing holiday ornaments
Brianna Lane and Peter Mulvey wrapping up their Wisconsin bike tour

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