Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why having a cat makes cycling better and why I choose to ride with those who have pets

Be tough, yet gentle
Humble, yet bold
Swayed always
by beauty
and truth
-Bob Pieh

Yep, I've written so many posts where readers may say to themselves "what the f*ck does this have to do with cycling?"  This, for some, will most likely be another one of those posts.  For others, hopefully a smile comes across their face with recognition.

I have a cat.  I've always had a cat.  Even while I was traipsing around the the world I had a cat (my mom was nice enough to take care of it).  Each cat of mine has had its own distinct personality.  Each one has improved my life in more ways than I could ever count.  Okay, okay, I'm going to get to the cycling part.  So, these cats, believe it or not, have made cycling better for me.  Why you ask?  Or maybe you're just rolling your eyes.  Either way, here's the list:

1) They have taught me to see the world through new eyes and be in the moment.  Eyes which focus on anything that moves, be it a hawk or a vole.  My favorite thing about riding is watching for wildlife.

2)  They have taught me to follow sunbeams and store the warmth for cloudy days.

3)  They have taught me to really appreciate, if not obsess over food and always be an opportunist when food is around--let's just say there is a 10 or 20 second rule if food hits the ground after a long ride.

4)  They have taught me to be patient--with myself and with others.

5)  They have taught me to be curious which leads into finding damn fine riding spots as well as picnic spots.

6)  They have taught me to move gracefully and always land on my feet--or at least try to.

7)  And finally they have taught me to love and bask in love.  Love life, and love my friends and family.

Today, our Sunday riding group rode in honor of Lulu/Cinder and in honor of John, Lulu's partner in crime.  Although I have many friends without pets, and I think just as highly of them, there is something so special about those who let four legged furry creatures into their lives.  Here's to you Lulu, may your foodbowl be always full, may there be an endless supply of mice to chase, may the temperature always be above 50 degrees and may you always be with John.

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