Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Is Here!!!

Someone or something flipped the switch and made the seasons change and I couldn't be happier.  I left the cold, snowy void called Wisconsin for California two weeks ago--in hopes to find my inner child, my once relaxed state of mind and my non-frozen smile again.  The moment I stepped out of the airport, and realized I didn't need a jacket, I thought "everything is going to be alright".

What I came back to was quite a surprise, with temps nearing what I experienced in Napa.  What?!  How could this be?  It's March in Wisconsin and I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt?  The sun is kissing my blinding white limbs?  I refused to question it for more than a second out of fear I had some terrible power to jinx it.

Spring riding at its finest
Something beautiful happens each spring in Wisconsin.  Like lemmings, every roadie seems to appear out of nowhere and hit the farm roads.  Most have begun to push their outdoor riding season longer--too mentally exhausted to face another day on the trainer.  Once free from four walls, most also seem to get a bit cagey and train as hard as they can, multiple days in a row, thinking that winter weather is once again around the corner.  And can you blame us?  We've had snow storms in May.  Last year the ice didn't fully leave the great lakes until late June.  We are's what has kept us alive while living here. I, for one, may not be as die hard as some of my friends who are already putting down centuries, but each day it's above 45, no matter how much my legs protest, my mind takes over and says RIDE you may snow tomorrow!

And so here I find myself in the same conundrum I have found myself each spring for the past 31 years.  Do I pull in the reigns and train/ride a bit more thoughtfully or do I allow myself to act like a bat out of hell and ride anytime I wish?  Do I ignore the lethargy in my legs the day after a long, hilly ride and keep going or do I act logically and take a rest day?  Like the consistency of the sun rising, these are the questions I wake to each day--and then I think of the Huxley quote:  "Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life.  The only completely constant people are the dead."  How I usually bend this quote in my head is by telling myself I'll do hills one day and ride the flats the next. Happy spring everyone!  Looking forward to seeing you all out there with bare limbs!

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