Sunday, March 29, 2015

Goats and Bikes and Farms Oh My

Oh sweet baby goat
you turn me into a child 
with your bleats and bounce

Other than the opening of "road riding" season, the two things I look forward to the most each March are the return of sandhill cranes (if I didn't own a calender, I could almost mark March 15th by their return call), and kidding season.  Getting the chance to ride out and visit baby goats on two farms in the driftless area almost negate the pain felt caused by stiff winds and frozen extremities. 

I wrote a post quite some time ago about being torn between the city and country--one foot always in each.  Every spring, when I visit a friend's farm and smell the burning prairies, the sour manure, see hills dotted with sheep and goats, and get to pet all the farm critters, I think "I could live here...forever."  I honestly believe I'd be quite happy on a farm if I could get my friends to come out to visit/ride, bringing good Indian food with them, as well as their instruments and beer.

It's easy for me to say I thrive in both environments, but there's no denying I'm healthier in the country.  My heart and breathing rate slow, my stress from being overwhelmed by light and movement (fast moving cars) dissipate and I would have to spend all day, each day outside--something which always does me good. Sure, I like getting dressed up for a night on the town, but I'm just as comfortable wearing the same Carhartt overalls for a week (oh, who am I kidding, I've pulled a month before) straight.  I'm a salt of the earth kind of girl--not uncomfortable with getting dirty and working so hard I pass out at the dinner table.  The only caveat would be I'd get lonely since I know my friends wouldn't come out to visit several times each week.

So this leaves me in quite a conundrum.  For now, I've chosen to stay urban and ride out into the country as much as possible (you can bet I'll do a goat ride each week from this point on), and try my best to cherish the things I love in the city (live music, museums, weekly gatherings with friends), but you may still find me perusing the real estate listings for the little driftless towns.

Thank you John for accompanying me on my first goat ride of the year!

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