Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello Lightness My Old Friend

Summer has filled her veins with light
and her heart is washed with moon
-C.Day Lewis

Last week I rode up this road, this week I got to go down it!

There are two dates during the year in which I rejoice everything having to do with life.  One of these dates is the summer solstice.  I look forward to this "turning" so much each year that when it's over, I always seem to feel a bit sad--as if something very special has somehow slipped through my fingers like sand.  

Waking at 4am to the sound of birds as well as an ever brightening sky, and going to bed, my eyelids fatigued from watching the dance of lightning bugs, brings out the best in me.  It is always around this time of year, when my abundant energy fueled by the sun's rays and bountiful greens from my CSA, spurs me to stay on my bike as much as my legs and butt can bare.  I look ahead at the forecast and get as many chores done on the rainy or high wind days and then take off with abandon on the fair weather ones.

Devil's Lake

I always spot amazing things riding solo

This past weekend was essentially a perfect way to celebrate my favorite season, and the longest days other than a long bike tour.  A long and hilly solo ride to Devil's Lake (the place that convinced me I could live in the midwest and be okay with it), some lake/dock time with a friend I haven't visited with in ages, copious pizza consumption with another great friend, showing off my new "food baby" (from the pizza the night prior) on the Madison version of the World Naked Bike Ride, and a 107 mile ride plus 7 more miles of commuting with my husband and one bad ass lady made this weekend one to go down in the books.

Fuel of the gods/esses

A reprieve between hills
My legs and butt tell me I did something--a great feeling to have.  Now, as the days begin to shorten, I just have to keep this "high" going and think the view coming down the mountain isn't less beautiful than going up, it's just different.

*This weekend of riding is dedicated to my dad since father's day was Sunday.  If it weren't for him, I may not have ever found the love for two wheels.

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