Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's my birthday and I'll bike if I want to: Hiccups are sometimes just what the doctor ordered


noun hic·cup \ˈhi-(ˌ)kəp\
: a sound in your throat that is caused by a sudden, uncontrolled movement of muscles in your chest after you have eaten or drunk too much or too quickly
hiccups : a condition in which you make hiccups repeatedly
: a small problem, change, or delay

Hiccups occur.  It's part of life.  The magic happens when you learn how to go with the flow and make the most out of one.  This past weekend, I was supposed to be up in Minneapolis with a friend for a birthday weekend of riding, eating and drinking.  Due to a work snafu, it didn't happen.  But here's the thing...even though I was a snively little brat about it at first, I finally settled in and decided to make the most out of hanging out near Madison.  No, it wasn't what I had planned, but thanks to several wonderful friends, it was probably better than what I had planned from the start.

Some of you who have been reading my blog for awhile probably know I like stupid adventures/shenanigans on my birthday.  Really, it has nothing to do with the birthday itself--other than the fact I'm sometimes surprised I made it to 41 years old.  I see it as a cheap excuse to get friends together to play.  Although I enjoy larger parties, I've never been keen about having one for my birthday since I'm not fond of being in the spotlight.  Instead, I choose a handful of close friends, who enjoy similar things to me, and turn a weekend into complete gluttony (gluttony of riding is always included).

Since my escape plan of riding to Milwaukee was also thwarted due to rain, I had to switch some gears quickly.  Here's what I came up with...

First, I'm not the only virgo in my circle of riding friends.  My partner in crime, Dijon, celebrates his birthday just three days prior to mine. When I found out I was staying in town, a ride with him on the H8TR gravel trail was certainly needed.  I thought to myself, as I rolled down to his house, what a lovely way to start the weekend--rocks, trees, moss and a friend who I consider family.  After caffeinating ourselves to the max, we split ways...both enjoying the splendors of the heavy air, gold and purple flowers and heady, earthy smells.

Saturday was a mix of hiking in one of my favorite spots, Parfrey's Glen, riding to see another cycling friend play a concert at the Orton Park Festival, drinking waaaaay too much thanks to T-Fats, who has become another partner in crime, stuffing my belly with tacos, more drinking, mellow evening with movies and music and essentially praying I would shake the hangover I knew I'd have for the following morning's long ride.

Shakey at the Orton Park Festival

Because virgos rule, Sunday's ride had another birthday boy involved AND a guy I had met during the Dairy Roubaix two years ago but hadn't seen since.  The route was planned by the b-day boy, Endo, and aside from a broken derailleur cable, it was exactly what was all of us.  Follow a long ride up with heavy German food and beer and I might as well die and go to heaven.  Oh wait, I think that heavy food put me a few steps closer to heaven (or hell), but it was worth it.

Tim, Endo and Jason

Yellowstone state park

Refueling at New Glarus Brewery

I worked on my actual b-day, but that's okay.  I never really care about the day itself.  What was really cool, however, was that a few friends did an impromptu ride with me that night.  The air was thick and warm (exactly what I love), and the pace was brisk.  Essentially, it was the perfect way to cap a perfect weekend.

Trying to stay on these guy's wheels

I've gotta thank all who were involved in getting me into trouble or keeping me out of it.  Here's to another year of riding adventures!

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